Sense of time

12 September 2009


Sense of time

“Sense of time”

The project was made for the participation of Rakursi Art Gallery to the 25th Festival of Arts Apollonia – the oldest and the most famous art festival in Bulgaria in the town Sozopol, on the Black sea coast in 2009.

The time is accepted very subjective and everybody has a different vision about it. The aim of the project was to show the individual sense of time of each participating artist for whom this subject has an important role in his ouvre. 12 gallerie’s artists from different generations presented art works in painting, graphic, drawing, photography, print, installation.

Veliko Marinchevski, Dimitar Trukanov – Trukan, Ilyan Lalev, Irma Vodeva, Kapka Kaneva, Mariangela Anastasova, Nenko Balkanski, Onnik, Ran Manolov, Stefan Bozhkov, Christo Karzhilov, Yavora Petrova.

Curator Rumyana Yoneva