Personalized traditions

8 October 2018

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Personalized traditions

curatorial project
23rd of January – 10th of February 2018

The project presents an innovative look at Bulgarian traditions through the eyes of five contemporary artists.
The globalized world we live in eliminates the boundaries and unifies the signs in the art and at the same time it stimulates the construction of the traditions in a new way. The project presents a contemporary interpretation of the traditions beyond the usual frameworks and understandings, which is different in the way of using images and visual media. The participating artists construct new models in which one can recognize ancient rituals, folklore and symbols by maintaining a dialogue between the specific Bulgarian and the global artistic practices.
The project unites the artists Yavora Petrova and the young artists Antonia Angelova, Velislava Gecheva, Zoran Georgiev, Irma Vodeva, known for their contemporary visions and innovative practices. They present paintings, objects, installations and drawings.

Curators: Rumyana Yoneva and Yavora Petrova