Geological Pulse

27 March 2014


Geological Pulse

Rakursi Gallery is introducing the project of Yonko Ivan “Geological Pulse, Zone
“Apocalypse”” on the 27th of March 2014 (Thursday) at 18:00 o’clock.

“Geological Pulse” is a unique project that reveals the link between Geology and Painting. Yonko Ivan develops a concept for the emerging of the world civilizations.

The energies of nature affect our bodies and our emotions in a very strong way.

Forming deep in the Earth’s center, they start moving toward the surface, ever changing their strength and intensity, in accordance with the homogeneity of the layers they pass through. The reason for all this is water. It is the only matter that moves freely.

Water dissolves chemical bonds, transfers matter from one place to another, creating a unique environment, in which the Earth’s energies soak through. It helps form regions with energy rays, particular for each zone.

The exhibit in Rakursi Gallery shows works by Yona Tukuser and Yonko Ivan.