“Endless lines”

STELI CHRISTOFF acrylic & resin on canvas 100/100 cm.


“Endless lines”

Steli  was born in 1964 in Oryahovo, Bulgaria.
1993 – MA in Monumental painting, National Art Academy, Sofia.

Steli  has solo exhibition and participations in group shows in Sofia, Paris, London, Vienna, Brussel, Prague, Istanbul, Mexico City, Reus (Spain), etc.
He won the prize for paining of the Union of Bulgarian Artists in 1995.
Residential program of foundation Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris in 2006.
He participated in art fairs Art New York, Context Art Miami, Affordable Art Fairs in New York, Hong Kong & London.

Steli works in the field of geometric abstraction, which he accepts as a universal language, easy to understand and which could be translated and interpreted in different ways.
He uses the color as an instrument, not as a mean of expression. The color is both a form and a content. The form follows the process as the artist builds consistent layers of lines, intertwining and affecting each other to achieve an impact with color, shape and rhythm. The artist is trying to create a sense of space and movement, of a self-organizing system, which in turn finds expression in the intangible energy that underlies our existence.