White light

10 - 31 October 2023

Steli Christoff

“White Light”
Steli Christoff
10 – 31 October 2023

“Thе exhibition is a kind of continuation of my previous one at Rakursi gallery in 2021 and is related to my personal study of color and its comprehensive impact. Immersing yourself in this vast subject, you gradually understand that it is an incredible and inexhaustible source of inspiration. Every culture has a different reading of the influence of colors. The common one is what we know as Newton’s spectrum. It is a small part of an infinite electromagnetic spectrum, in the range of which we are located and vibrate with the vibrations of electromagnetic waves in the parameter of white light. Goethe, for his part, emphasized the psychological influence of colors. They undoubtedly have their own expressiveness, symbolism and can directly affect the psyche. They are usually perceived associatively. Through the eyes, the perception of color reaches all the organs and causes tangible sensations. In the Western culture of which we are a part, colors are associated with human emotions.
The freedom I allowed myself from the choice of materials to the very interpretation of the theme was a wonderful experience. During the whole process of creating these works for both exhibitions, I felt like I was participating in an amazing adventure, following my intuition completely and feeling complete enjoyment and pleasure from it.”
Steli Christoff