Thinking, Strolling, Meeting, Dreaming…

19 March - 9 April 2007

Rada Tzankova

“Thinking, Strolling, Meeting, Dreaming…”
19 March – 9 April 2007

From March 19 to April 9, the Rakursi Gallery presents the exhibition of Rada Tzankova “Thinking, Strolling, Meeting, Dreaming …”. The last one-woman appearance of the artist was in November 2005, and recently she has taken part in the “Paris-Sofia-Paris” joint exhibition in the Art Academy. This is also her constant route: Paris – Sofia – Paris. Since she graduated the Beaux Art Academy in Paris in 2000, Rada has been in constant movement between France and Bulgaria – her two fulcrums; she exhibits and constantly works in both places.

The works of Rada Tzankova are usually related to her travels to different parts of the world. “This time I set off, intending for my paintings not to correspond to anything specific, in the sense of a story”, says she. “I wanted to let my consciousness flow and to illustrate the notions, which run through your mind while you promenade and think. Just to represent them in a totally natural way. I, myself, have been in motion while painting them, I haven’t been closed in an atelier. Some are made in Normandy, some in Bulgaria, and some – in other countries.” The artist exhibits her paintings in series by looking for a dynamic consequence of naturally connected separate states, or screen shots of detached illustrated activities like: thinking, strolling, meeting, dreaming… That’s why she has given her exhibition this name. These states bestow her with the absolute feeling that she exists, that she is. Rada also suggests the feeling for movement with the change of the view point from which she directs us how to watch and what to see. In her previous one- woman exhibit she laid an emphasis on the general scheme and demonstrated a world seen from above and perceived in its entirety and complexity. The feeling for expanse, the vision of the boundless and the infinite, which she recreated then, was a result of the change in standpoint during the climbing of a peak in Nepal in 1997. This time Rada changes to close-up and brings us nearer to her plots, we see them in the foreground. In the separate series we recognize her characteristic figures and images, which she leaves, as usual, stylized and anonymous. Her works impress with their fine and delicate lines. The line plays a leading role in them, it vibrates, catches and recreates the slightest feelings.

For Rada Tzankova everything is a constant motion of discovery and rediscovery, of transition from one state to another, from the visible to the invisible and back.


Elena Tomalevska