The Choice II

6 - 22 July 2023

“The Choice II”
6 – 22 July 2023

Atanas Atanasov – Liliana Alexandrova
Petrinel Gochev  – Dimitar Spasov
Yavora Petrova –  Rada Pilushka

Summer is the season for young, emerging artists. Therefore, on July 6, the gallery will show the second edition of the exhibition “The Choice”, which is a sequal of the one from 2015, based on the idea of established authors presenting young artists who have aroused their interest and attention.
The works of the young Liliana Alexandrova, Dimitar Spasov and Rada Pilushka are exhibited alongside those of Atanas Atanasov, Petrinel Gochev and Yavora Petrova. The exhibition marks the most interesting, selected by the famous authors, in the field of painting, sculpture and drawing.