That within us

7 - 25 March 2017


„That within us“
7 – 25 March 2017

Foundation “Yordan Parushev” and Rakursi Art Gallery present an exhibition of the artist Yordan Parushev who passed away in 2011. For the exhibition were selected collages and sculptures from paper. The aim of the show is to make the collection of artworks of Yordan Parushev owned by the Foundation accessible to the public and thus stimulate the understanding and evaluation of his work.
Yordan Parushev is known for his collages of thin layers of translucent colored paper treated with abrasive materials. The transparence of the paper, the use of different structures and stratification create a delicate relief and depth of the surface. He developed this technique in his searches and experiments in art and it most accurately expresses his personality. Through collage in a subtle way the author transmits his sense of roots, time, illusion and essence. He created them with awareness and attention. They are saturated with colors and light. They are like an anticipation, meditative images of colors, shapes and traces. As the artist said for his last exhibition in Rakursi Art Gallery in 2011, “they are like trails which we lighten with our presence, the traces of our existence”.

Rumyana Yoneva