Terra animalica


“Terra animalica”


Gallery Rakursi presents the exhibition of large size paintings of animals “Terra animalica” by Catherin Tomova, from the March 22nd to April 4th 2012.

“This project was born from my desire and need to draw bright, aggressive and contrast paintings. So naturally things have contacted with my sense of feral ‘wild’ nature. Leading emotion was the imaginary escape from the greyness of everyday life, urbanization and civilization. I wanted to try to perceive the color in the instincts of a wild beast, to experience the beauty of unspoiled nature, to hear the soft silence in the eyes of a tiger. This trip to the vague beginnings of life on this planet called from my subconscious the love for primary, unruly and bearing the bright colors of creation. And more: the anxiety about the fate of wildlife and the fear that its beauty can become a victim of human indifference.”

Catherin Tomova was born in 1967 in Sofia. She has studied painting in the school of Pierre Ramel in Paris, France. The artist has 13 solo exhibitions and many participatings of group exhibitions. Live and works in Sofia, Bulgaria.