14 - 30 June 2018

Amenun Geneva and Stefan Chinov

Amenun Geneva and Stefan Chinov
14 – 30 June 2018

“Take My Pill” is a series of works with attention to the elements that treat the soul and body but forgotten by the people. The works emphasize on the relationship between the human beings, nature and art. Often “my pills” are accepted as a given, but if we pay attention when we take them, we can consciously cure our mind and our soul. The oldest pill will be the BEAUTY, followed by Love, Sex, Fantasy, Music, Literature, Color, Taste … My life urged me to pay attention to the use of today’s pharmaceutical products, or, more correctly, the misuse of it. I would like to recall the natural sources given to us by nature for our smiling state.
For this project, Amenun Geneva has invited Stefan Chinov – a graphic designer and typographer that creates all typography for posters, highlighting the function of the “pill” in different fonts and phrases.
The finishing element of the project is the wonderful Raja (guitar) and Iliana (violoncello) from Dead Man’s Hat, which at the opening will complement the picture with sound.