St. Ivans Day

7 - 9 January 2022

Ivan Vukadinov

St. Ivans Day
7 – 9 January 2022

On the St. Ivans Day, Rakursi gallery presents the Ivan Vukadinov’s painting “In memory of the heroes”.
After an 11-year pause, the gallery resumes exhibitions on St. Ivans Day.
The occasion for the exhibition is the renewed interest of the Vatican Museum in acquiring the painting “In Memory of the Heroes”. The work was included in a Vukadinov exhibition in Rome in 1975, when the Vatican Museum expressed interest in purchasing the work. Due to a refusal by the Bulgarian side, the painting was returned and the author stopped exhibiting and selling his works in Bulgaria. From January 7 to 9, 2022, Rakursi Gallery will exhibit the work, which after the exhibition will be sent to the Vatican Museum.
The exhibition is also connected with the upcoming 90th anniversary of Ivan Vukadinov in 2022.