6 - 20 July 2017

Will Narby/ Radoslav Ninov

Will Narby/ Radoslav Ninov
6-20 July 2017

Will Narby and Radoslav Ninov’s exhibition is informed by each artist’s involvement in the linguistic ‘slipperiness’ within painting. SOFT YES is an ongoing conversation which reflects on common approach to making that is generated by ways ‘knowing’. A knowingness that is intangible or malleable, which is further mystified through series of interruptions within the painting dialogue. Like a nod of the head which emphasises its temporality while suggesting a continuity.
SOFT YES comprises of new works by the artists which will include painting, drawing, sculpture and installation works.

Will and Radoslav first met in 2014 while studying at Goldsmiths University of London where they both actively participated in the organising of, and leading discussions on the subject of painting. They have collaborated on several exhibition including ‘Space 43’ in London and ‘UpRiver’ at the Centre of Contemporary Art ‘Ancient Baths’ in Plovdiv.