“Sketch and Painting”

23 January - 10 February 2024

Yavora Petrova

“Sketch and painting”
23 January – 10 February 2024

“Rakursi” gallery presents the exhibition “Sketch and painting” by Yavora Petrova from January 23 to February 10, 2024. The artist shows ten oil paintings and the accompanying sketches.
Yavora Petrova reveals the creative process of her work:
“The idea comes sometimes at the wrong time.
A story can come from anywhere.
The desire to write down thoughts immediately, wherever you are.
To see the picture in your mind and put it on paper.
Search for the composition or simply draw it.
For all this, you need a pencil and a notebook, a small pad and some color.
And all this fits into the concept of SKETCH.
A sketch from which a painting is born.
In my last exhibition there are 10 attempts to turn a sketch into a painting.
10 completely different plots with their small sketches and large pictures”.