Seeable -Non-seeable

17 October - 1 November 2006

Steli Christoff

Seeable – Non-seeable
17 October – 1 November 2006

Steli Christoff’s paintings are in the stylistic of geometric abstraction. The main means of expression are the color and the combinations of abstract shapes, signs, textures. The decorative value of the paintings resulting from the use of geometric elements is dispersed by the delicate color nuances, giving a depth to the depiction. The color harmonies create vibrations that fill the picture’s emotional space. The artist uses oil, acrylic paints and also sand, burlap and collage. The author has created his own artistic language, based on the conscientious individual artistic approach and intuition.

The present exhibition of paintings by Steli Christoff at the Rakursi Art Gallery has been named “Seeable – Non-seeable”. The artist relates it to music, being the most intangible of arts, filled with emotions and dreams. He has organized it as a music album, while each picture can be viewed as a separate piece of music.