Sculpture and Drawing

11 - 29 October 2022

Hristo Haralampiev

Sculpture and Drawing
11 – 29 October

Hristo Haralampiev presents artworks created in a classical technique – sculptures in patinated bronze and ink drawings made in 2022.

“Sculpture and Drawing. Perhaps the most ordinary and simple motto for an exhibition,” says the artist Hristo Haralampiev.
“Far from the almost incomprehensible “theoretical justification”, from the pretentious problematic and closer to the pure emotion and sincere love, to the beauty of the drawing and the impact of the plastic form. A piece of paper, a brush and a bottle of ink. A little clay and a lot of desire and love. The rest is a long road, full of surprises, leading somewhere where our own aspirations and desires will find the longed-for satisfaction.
Anyone who has taken this difficult and challenging path realizes that it is practically endless and reaching the top is impossible, but its beauty and magnetism keep us going…
Because there are things left behind which mark our steps. Sculpture and Drawing.”