28 February - 18 March 2023

Stoyan Yorgov

Stoyan Yorgov – Tekata
28 February – 18 March 2023

Rakursi Gallery presents an exhibition of photography by Stoyan Yorgov.
About it, the author says: “This is a photographic walk through the old theaters on Broadway in Los Angeles. All images were taken at the theaters located on the nearly mile-long stretch of Broadway between 3rd Street and Olympic Boulevard in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. The series of photographs analyzes the impact that “Night on Broadway” (a one-day festival) has on the process of changing the city and the subsequent cycles of development and slowdown, simultaneously with economic and geographical growth in the Megapolis. Photographs of the old cinemas show the convergence and divergence between the different histories of the great architectural achievements of the 20th century in this part of the city. Through the lens of the camera, I feel how the space thins out, the memory of the time and culture of the best theater and film districts fades. I navigate the memories, creating in the viewer a romantic image of the good days of the youngest art of the 20th century – Cinema.”

The exhibition is financially supported by National Culture Fund Bulgaria.