18 September - 2 October 2018

Konstantin Kostov

Konstantin Kostov
18 September – 2 October 2018

„… I‘m so sorry you had to go through all these worries. But life is long, and this is only a brief, dark period. The sun will shine again and we will all be happy.
Loves and kisses,mom! „

/ by Ingrid Bergman. My Life“/

With tranquility, but with trembling, I was walking again on the Roman streets. Somehow I felt that I was there at the right moment. Perhaps this was also the occasion that provoked my current exhibition
– a timely visit to Rome.
When our time runs, we are going to go sharply forward in our dreams and plans for the future or we rush with curiosity in reevaluations on the past. In spending time
„somewhere else“ we are going through new trials that we meet in timely events. I remember Ian McEwan‘s novel,
„Saturday,“ which tells the story of the character Henry Perowne, observing just one day of his life. While unusual situations or just ordinary things of the day
(bus travel, shopping, walking, protest on the streets of London, subway robbery) happen, you realize that one day you gradually become acquainted with a lifetime. When I read this book, I enjoyed the feeling that all thoughts flowed into this person‘s head, and they spread into an endless flow of reasoning to the whole world-this feeling was very close to me.
In Rome, part of this stream was the meeting with the storyline of the roman carousel-(Never-ending story II). Then I felt the feeling that now it was out of use, but not it was not accidental, not forever, it was
covered for a certain amount of time, namely the time when I meet it. In early October, perhaps, it would quietly wait
for the next season, and the tale would not end, but for now it was all over. In Its „pause,“ It stood outdoors, vulnerable to
everyone‘s gaze. No one paid attention to It – at that point no one needed It. But It was still splendid and fairy , just waiting for her sequel – on time.
Then I realized that „ON TIME“ is a state that collects you in its entirety. A state that allows you both to be, but not to be.
I began to believe that you loose someone in time, but another person in your life appeares, in time – you do not stop loving. In time, devastating feelings that overturn everything upside down, but new insights come to pass in time to order a new world. You stop in time, you go on time, in time, the man, the explorer, the traveler, the adventurer, the artist, the
friend, the son, the disciple, the teacher … himself. This field of timeliness gave me the sense of the possibilities and the certainty that everything will come with its time. But even if it is, I will eagerly try to be on time in my own time .
Perhaps in time we appear in this world – and again in time we have the opportunity to do what we love. I think
this is the whole point. I believe in this, I hope you too!

I dedicate this exhibition to my mother, Emilia Kostova, who believed that everything would happen in time.

Konstantin Kostov