Music Reminiscences

9 December 2009 - 5 January 2010

Valentin Angelov

Music Reminiscences
12 December – 5 January 2009

On December 12th music reminiscences will fill the exhibition area of Rakursi with convivial mood. “Elegy For Slide Trombone”, “Fantasy For Cock and Organ”, “Barbed Trumpet” – these are some of the titles of the paintings from the exhibition of Valentin Angelov. The tease with classic music works only illustrate his decision to really translate his impressions and feelings, aroused by music, to the language of paintings.

His translation is clear, and his questions – knotty and exposing, is the string a problem? Is the muse lying? Who actually is Elise? Is the adagio falling behind? Where’s the place of the prelude?

From the intimate atmosphere of the music interior, through the figural composition, he leads us unnoticeable to paintings aroused by abstract notions, rhythms, music forms. In the end, like in every exhibition, all ends well.

The overture starts with unbearably nice music, a cock crows, the curtain lifts and the paintings on the scene starts singing picturesque cantata praising the mental essence of art.