5 - 20 March 2015


5 – 20 March, 2015

“Dead nature. State of silence, forgetfulness, predetermination of the circumstances and loneliness. Pieces of time with their own sense of light, time periods when the light goes dark.

Grey still lifes. Objects without clear inheritance, without obligations to the past, present to express a certain feeling. Residues of a heritage, household items, unnecessary things, a dinner about to be eaten”.

Ivo Bistrichki



01.07.1971 in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Sofia and Burgas

Nationality: Bulgarian


1995 MA in Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria

Selected solo exhibitions:

2014 – Incisions, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia; Passion, Espai-M, Barcelona
2013 – Sea the Best Place for…, Arosita Gallery, Sofia; Utopia/Eurasia – 2084, Museum for contemporary art, Sofia
2012 – Deconstructive Portraits Bulart Gallery, Varna; Allegories, Spring Gallery, Burgas
2011 – Apocalypse: Database, Rayko Alexsiev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2010 – Deconstructive Portraits, Arosita Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Allegories of Love, Spring Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria
2009 – UTOPIA, Zeniths Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Building, Astri Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2008 – Anface, Testa Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006 – Sea Systems, District Library, Burgas
2002 – Tsvetnici, Nesi Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria
2001 – Nigh Butterflies Die with Open Wings, Natural-Science Museum, Burgas, Bulgaria

Selected group exhibitions:

2015 – Art for Change, SAG, Sofia; What Happened?, UBA, Sofia
2014 – Untold Abstraction, UBA, Sofia
2013 – Unguarded zone, Exhibition Halls R. Mihailov, Veliko Tarnovo
2012 – Stone and Wood / Idea for Home, UBA, Sofia
2011 – The Big Bang, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Ruf Award, Rayko Alexsiev Gallery, Sofia
2010 – Bold and Beauty, Rayko Alexsiev Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2009 – Reset, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Reconstruction, Spring Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria; Reality-Fiction, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2008 – Hidden Reality, Circle+ Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; Awards from Contemporary Bulgarian Art M-tel, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; Close Distance, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2007 – Arrhythmia, Georgi Velchev Museum, Varna, Bulgaria; Traffic, Shipka 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006 – Coordinates, Gallery of the Artists Union in Burgas, Burgas, Bulgaria
2005 – Sea-Coast, Varna City Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2002 – Bulgarian Painting after 1989, National Place of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria