Japan – The Signs I Shall Always Return To

16 June - 5 July 2009

Veliko Marinchevski

Japan – The Signs I Shall Always Return To
June 16 – July 5 2009

Rakursi Art Gallery presents the exhibition of the young artist Veliko Marinchevski from 16 June until 5 July 2009.

Veliko Marinchevski won the Artists-in-Residence international artist scholarship for Akiruno, Tokyo, Japan, 2008. This scholarship is given exclusively to only one international artist. The exhibition shows paintings and graphics inspired by the atmosphere in Japan, where he lived for three months.

“My exhibition is a gesture of reverence to Japan, its nature and people, to the creative and friendly atmosphere in Akiruno, where I lived and painted with a feeling of complete harmony. To me, Japan represents the fine balance between aesthetics and my inner world. The most profound intertwining of the greatest possible self-control and the ability to draw immense pleasure from beauty in all its forms. This has been my thrill . It is present in all my works and will remain with me forever. The place where I shall always return….


I have now found inspiration. “