“I can see my voices”

11 May - 3 June 2023

Atanas Hranov

“I see my voices”
11 May – 3 June 2023

Rakursi gallery is pleased to present the exhibition of Atanas Hranov “I see my voices”, presented by the writer Alexander Sekulov:
“I see my voices” is the most personal and confessional exhibition by Atanas Hranov. Here he is both – a secular and a preacher. A creative alchemist who discovers the secret of transforming the elements of the earth into gold, but decides to convey it to the audience precisely as a secret, not as a formula. Because along his lifetime journey, he realized that there is a place in the world, where the human voice becomes visible. Like the blackberry bush in the middle of the biblical desert suddenly bursting into flames at the God’s presence.
And the blackberry bush is set on fire, but it does not burn, and the voice that a person hears is both his own and God’s. When someone hears that voice, when someone learns how to call it, how to talk to it, how to be silent when it’s necessary, how to pray – then the one is no longer alone. He becomes a fortress for others, a beacon for himself.
There is no accident that the exhibition contains a moving work that resembles both – a pulpit and a shell. The same way the sea sleeps in the shell and sings, a man can take shelter in an expression and live.
Take a look at this exhibition.”


The exhibition is financially supported by National Culture Fund Bulgaria.