25 January - 8 February 2022

Vasil Abadjiev

25 January – 8 February 2022


The Exhibition “I am” features series of portraits painted over the past two years.
This is an attempt through the tools of painting to explore the elusive, changing images of the person or the shadow of the person.
The portraits from the exhibition, like on a digital display, present the manifestations and inner states of a man as disintegrating ephemeral images through which our existence passes.
The human being is by a nature anxious.
From our birth the mind accepts and rejects, likes or dislikes…
Wandering in these extremes, one cannot achieve balance and peace.
This coded binary state of mind is a topic I have explored in my work “Desire and Disgust”.
The Exhibition “I am” shows the influence of time, which is constantly changing us.

Vasil Abadjiev

Vasil Abadjiev was born in Sliven, Bulgaria, in 1966.
He graduated from the National Academy of Art with MA in Painting.
Abadjiev works in the field of theatre stage and costume design. He has designed over 30 scenography projects in Bulgaria, Germany, Russia, North Macedonia, and the USA.

Selected Participations and Awards:
2005 Artist-in-Residence programme at the Cité des Arts, Paris
2009 ASKEER Award for scenography for Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Lilia
Abadjieva, 199 Valentin Stoychev Theatre
2010 ASKEER Award for scenography for Miss Julie by August Strindberg, directed by Lilia
Abadjieva, Ivan Vazov National Theatre

Selected Exhibitions:
2019 Separated, Sofia City Art Gallery
Participation and exhibition of the artist’s paintings and video installations in the following cities:
Exhibitions & Talks, Bruxelles, Belgium
Vienna, Sankt Pölten, Австрия
Ulm, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Germany
Timisoara, Romania
Pécs, Hungary
Osijek, Croatia
Belgradе, Serbia
2012 Toys, National Academy of Arts, Sofia
2011 SUB from SUBSTORIES: IRON, Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia
2009 M-Tel Exhibition in Varna
Substories, Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia
2006 A Month in Art, Varna
Painting, Haskovo (solo exhibition)
2004 10 x 5 x 3, National Exhibition Centre at Shipka 6, Sofia
2003 Neon at the White Square Gallery (solo exhibition)
The Figure Painting, National Exhibition Centre at Shipka 6, Sofia
2001 Paintings at Krida Art Gallery, Sofia (solo exhibition)
2000 National Youth Exhibition, National Exhibition Centre at Shipka 6, Sofia
1997 Drawings at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia (solo exhibition)
1996 Drawings, Art Gallery, Sofia (solo exhibition)