“The Expand – El Aumento – Издигането”

19 September - 7 October 2023

El Aumento – The Expand – Издигането
Valentin Bakardjiev
September 19 – October 7, 2023

Rakursi Art Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition of Valentin Bakardjiev “El Aumento – The Expand”.
The exhibition is provoked by artist’s personal searches related to the study of the creative inspiration. The works are created from his “old” paintings, which he transforms into new works by cutting them into pieces. These pieces are then put back together like a puzzle. The “new” works rise figuratively and literally, as from a two-dimensional canvas, Valentin Bakardjiev creates three-dimensional objects, using the volume of a pyramid – as a basis. Multiplied, these pyramids intensify the feeling of the vibration of the canvas itself. At the same time, parts of the old canvases can still be recognized in them – an eye, hand, face, but constructed in a new way and carrying a new meaning, for a different overlay of stories, rearranged, like a harmonious mosaic that sets off the viewer to new journeys.


The exhibition is financially supported by National Culture Fund Bulgaria.