Edmond Demirdjian Foundation Award RADOSLAV NINOV

19 September - 1 October 2016


Edmond Demirdjian Foundation Award
19 September – 1 October

Edmond Demirdjian Foundation is handing the award in painting for promissing development and dedication to art. The award for 2016 goes to Radoslav Ninov, who will present his cycle of works “Not That Bad of a Day”.
The award was founded in 2010 to commemorate the artist Edmond Demirdjian and is handed annually. The award itself is in the amount of one thousand leva, a solo exhibition in Rakursi Art Gallery and adiploma from the foundation.
The jury, consisting of Maria Vasileva, Nadejda Oleg Lyahova, Daniela Radeva, Rumyana Yoneva, Nedko Solakov and Pravdoliub Ivanov follows the participation of young artists on the art scene all year round. The choice is motivated by the high artistic quality of the works of art and the contemporary visual language as well as the perspective for future development of the artists.
Radoslav Ninov was born in 1992 in the town of Teteven. Since 2004 he lives and works in London. In 2012 he graduates from the art and design college of Tower Hamlets, and in 2015 he graduates Goldsmiths University in London. In 2015 he also receives the Neville Burston award for painting. Currently he lives and works in Yablanitsa.
„Radoslav Ninov’s paintings are open spaces, in which the artist places his observations, fantasies, dreams but also leaves free space for the audience and their desires. The canvas is a container that shelters accumulated knowledge, reminicences from different eras of art history, observed objects and eccos of heard words. Fiction naturally flows into reality. An image occurres where thoughts meet or miss a primal physical presence and the archive of meanings dissolves in the basic impulse for creation.“

Мaria Vassileva