Dangerous Games

19 October - 4 November 2017

Chavdar Ghiuselev

„Dangerous Games“
19th of October – 4th of November 2017

Chavdar Ghiuselev is a metropolitan artist not only because he lives in the Sofia center and is the part of the culture elite of the city, but because his art is closely connected to the urban man’s striving to protect its individualism from the anonymity and the banality of everyday life. And more, he leads a struggle with the provincialism – towards the way of thinking, the manners and the fear of the unknown gaze. He loves the dangerous games. So is the name of his last exhibition in Rakursi Art Gallery – “Dangerous Games”. His paintings follow the game which continuous from the beginning until the end, and probably after that, as well. The characters in his paintings are overwhelmed by a quiet existential panic passed through their bodies and deforming their faces that resemble portraits painted by a modernist. The artist warns with solidarity: the point is not to panicking so much to stop playing. Because then you become a debris, carried without direction in the cosmic darkness of infinity.

Georgi Lozanov