Breakfast in the atelier

17 April - 4 May 2018

Atanas Hranov

“Breakfast in the atelier”
17 April – 4 May 2018

“Breakfast in the atelier” is a title that seemingly soothes the dramatic anxiety in the paintings of the new exhibition by Atanas Hranov. The slow wind of nostalgia and the longing from his previous works was replaced by suddenly opened slits in space, sharp brush strokes, partially marked silhouettes of buildings and people. In this collection Atanas Hranov shows an unknown side of his talent: the ability to experience and show the hesitation of the human being between the suffering and the comfort. The great illusion of beauty is here again, that fills the eyes and gets the heart excited, but somewhere around the corner there is tension, a shadow of hesitation, a human sigh is heard. And so much more the viewer of the exhibition wishes the world to restore its balance, to restore its vertices, to experience the integrity between the human soul and the divine breath. Man struggles with the destruction around and within himself. Breakfast in the atelier of consciousness is an artist’s attempt to overcome forgetfulness, overcome fatigue, re-ignite the candor of faith, find the pure sound of words, give us the shine of the world. “
Alexander Sekulov