Bays and portraits

20 May - 20 June 2020

Atanas Hranov

Bays and portraits
20 May – 20 June

Rakursi Art Gallery shows the exhibition “Bays and portraits” of Atanas Hranov, presented by famous Bulgarian writer Alexander Sekulov:
“The world in Atanas Hranov’s new exhibition” Bays and Portraits “is more and more fragmentary, and the life in it is more and more light and merciful.
In the bays, the sea rests by itself. In the portrait, the person stares at himself.
In the bay the sea evens out the waves, lulls the storms to sleep, in the portrait the face shines, beams of light glisten through the eyes.
The bay is the matter reconciled in itself, in the portrait the essence dissolves its shell.
In the bay the ship finds escape and salvation, through the portrait the man finds wind and crew for the voyage.
In the bay, time rolls its thread back, in the portrait the soul unties the ropes and sets sail.
And somewhere there, among the bays and portraits, you can see the figure – a wonderful amazing! of the artist Hranov.
The mast that holds the sail.
A lifeline in the midst of the joy of the storm.”