26 April 2010

Andrei Daniel

Are you ready?
(paper exhibition)
26 April – 9 May 2010

Rakursi Art Gallery has the pleasure to invite you to the exhibition „Are you ready?“ of Andrei Daniel from 26 April through 9 May.
It shows 24 works on paper – aquarelles and collages. The common element is the paper – material part of all of the works.

„The diversity of topics and subject matters, of not finished events, incidential emotional burst out or rhy(th)med impressions, create the seeming chaos of the exhibition. Although the art works are related to each other by the delicate character of the paper – the material base for most of them.

Often after my „novel“ experiments in the painting, I have inner impulse for the aerily, poetic aquarellic – paper experience.

Rakursi Art Gallery kindly gave me the opportunity to share this experience with you.“

Andrei Daniel
22 March 2010, Sofia