An Attempt to Understand…….

12 - 26 November 2015

Andrei Daniel

An Attempt to Understand……
12 – 26 November 2015

They say that experience is the most reliable way and maybe even the only criteria for the authenticity of the things and phenomenon of our world. No theories , speculations or guesses are of any value unless verified by experience. This fact is very tangible when it comes to art- especially visual arts. Artist often get epiphanies of amazing ideas or ingeniously intuitive subjects an topics, that they are in a hurry to turn into a work of art…. but it comes out to be impossible! The abstract concept proves resistant to realize into a naturally existing, elegant in its organic charm image. Why is that?
Maybe we are putting the carriage before the horses….. Maybe we have to start the other way around- from the object, the plot. Hunting in the chaos of the material, we take an object, an event, an image that we find in front of our eyes and our consciousness turns it into a methaphore. And now our hands are no longer empty – we start the long and occupying process of “The Understanding”. What did we see in the crowded occurrence of random events? Is this vague silhouette we see on the horizon, indeed our ingeniously
sensed topic that we have been worked so hard on in vain? Or is this a brand new finding, much more reliable in its truthfulness although metaphorical?
Yes, I’m trying to comprehend what I have seen, what theme has revealed itself to me. Our occupation is not science and our only tools are the experience and the desire to understand. Isn’t art after all a sphere of knowledge! These works constitute a few attempts to understand what I saw and what I thought about what I had seen.

Andrei Daniel

Андрей Даниел