9 Steps to the Most Important

22 February - 2 March 2016

Mariangela Anastassova

9 Steps to the Most Important
Paintings and Interactive installation
22 February – 2 March 2016

My father always told me:
You should look for the most important and I did.
This series of paintings are 9 experiences from my search for the most important.

The first 3 gravitate around me, myself and others and the discovery of things which are not important.

Then, comes the importance of my determination to achieve the most important.

But, after that comes the experience of letting myself go freely with no aim just following whatever comes before me.

A young man came to me from a mythical place and times especially to give me a clue about the most important thing…

I discovered some very strong and solid roots.

The next step led me to some very small and delicate flowers…

Back from my exotic journey, in November Sofia, I invite you to enter in my painting with your shadow and together to do the next step of discovering the most important…