ОК(R)2 Obsessive Compulsive Reminiscences 2

14 - 20 March 2012

“Obsessive Compulsive Reminiscences 2”
14 – 20 March 2012

This exhibition is inspired by my work “Obsession for me”, presented in 1999 in the exhibition “Obsession” of the female group “March 8”. I show it even now – as a foundation. Then I was obsessed with Kate Moss and my husband, now with my daughter, she is obsessed with her father, he with her and the sport of boxing, etc. etc.
I can’t leave out my favorite childhood artists, Ingres, Picasso and Deineka, who shaped me as an artist.
The title OK(R)2 is an acronym whose eclectic post-modern graphics recall a chemical formula suggesting conscious and subconscious compulsions, including tactile ones, well described in Freud’s psychoanalysis (so please don’t touch! 🙂
Yet the exhibition’s reminiscent form is a nod to the cultural and subcultural transformations that “obtrusively” shape our consciousness over time, so please don’t look for pathology. OK nice viewing.
Silvia Lazarova-Laleva