Lunar States

25 June - 15 July 2021

Ina Damianova

„Lunar States“
25 June – 15 July 2021

Going through her inner psychological states in search of the balance between light and darkness, between black and white, male and female, Yin and Yang, in this exhibition Ina Damianova discovers that precisely in their opposition lies the secret of balance and the path to building harmony and truth. What could be more feminine and mystical than the lunar surface and its changing states? Transition from light to dark, shadows playing with reflections and clouds. Much like the states of sadness or joy passing through the face of a woman searching and discovering herself along the way.

Ina Damianova has been inspired for years to create art from recycled materials, mainly used by the Belana pulp mill in the town of Belovo. She uses mixed techniques of concrete and acrylic paints to create her plastic “Moon states”.

To present the exhibition, Damianova uses the sensory-sharpening support of sound and light.