“Nasko H., the flying snail and the mechanisms”


18 April  – 23 May 2023

Rakursi Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition by Atanas Hranov “Nasko H., the flying snail and the mechanisms”.
The exhibition shows artworks created by the artist over the past year. They convey the artist’s spiritual and physical journeys.



Atanas Hranov

The canvases interpret the artist’s ideas, experiences and insights.
The exhibition presents two cycles – large-format female portraits “Her Face Disappears” and the series “Probable Landscapes”.


At first glance, the chaotic surface of objects, signs, symbols and associations forms the “mechanisms” that create the notions of female portraits united in the cycle “Her Face Disappears”.

The landscapes are made of various elements – a visual record of places close to the author.

Hranov uses a variety of techniques that he has developed throughout his career. He works primarily with acrylic paints on canvas, but treats the surface of the painting in a way that gives the impression of density and volume. Another feature of his canvases is that they give the impression of frescoes. He often embeds elements of wood and resin into the painting’ surface, creating a three-dimensional image.

The artworks make a strong impact through their color and flashes of color that give them vitality and lightness.