Trendafila Trendafilova (Persefi Eskes) was born 16.11.1989 in Varna. She works and lives in Sofia.
For a while she studies architecture but she quickly switches her interest to painting.
Education: 2009-2013 National Academy of Arts Sofia, Bulgaria, Bachelor degree in Painting; 2014-2016 Master Degree in Painting in prof. Valentin Kolev’s class. She also endeavours in digital experimental music and poetry. Trendafila is looking forward to an upcoming artist residency at Cite internationale des arts, Paris.

My latest artistic interest is focused on the digital language and I started to paint digitally. The fact that I have on my disposal all the colors of the world fills me with excitement. My focus is on the man and above all female visual and spiritual nature, the intimacy of the portrait, the moment taken by chance. The combination of the virtual and the physical world interests me philosophically and I try to explain this unique interaction between the human consciousness and the artificial intelligence.

Alone with nature, digital drawing                                                                                         Authentic woman, sitting and modeling, digital drawing


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