The project of Rakursi Gallery and Yavora Petrova is part of the annual summer exhibits of young artisits in the gallery. Andrei Daniel, Atanas Atanasov and Yavora Petrova - three of the most renowned Bulgarian artists were invited and on their part they have each chosen one young painter - respectively Svilena Koleva, Gergana Zmiicharova and Ran Manolov. The participants are exploring and interpreting the environment – urban or rural as a source of inspiration in 15 works in oil, acrylic, watercolor or drawings. The object is to observe the relationship between the individual perception of the world through the eyes of each of the artists and the connection with “the Universal”. The show is courated by Rumyana Yoneva and Yavora Petrova and shows different points of view toward the environment we live in and toward their ways of work. “The landscape” is specifically chosen as a genre because of its place in the artists' work and because of the interest of the young painters toward it.