‘The Skaian Gates /Palindrome’ 



The Skaian Gates /Palindrome

     If you step through these gates, you change your world. Power, mystery, sacredness, indestructibility and divine symmetry.

      The main gates of Troy, the Skaian gates, are described by Homer. They are the metaphorical boundary between two worlds – war and peace, home and journey, knowledge and ignorance, truth and lies, and ultimately – life and death. They are so imposing, powerful and exquisite that one’s can’t help but understand that they were built by gods /Apollo is one of the defenders of Troy and builder of the gates/. In front of them, Hector says farewell to Andromache, the Trojan horse enters (the horse was brought in from where people helped the gods in the construction, the rest was indestructible), and perhaps Orpheus loses Eurydice in front of them…’ /G. Malinov/ And we rediscover the modern European archetype, based on Greek myths…

As a means of expression I use the symmetry of the Palindrome/located in the linear perspective of time-space/. It ensures unambiguity and independence of the access direction /and brings cosmopolitanism in relation to the logic of reading in different cultures/. Achieving symmetry is nowadays a criterion and, in a more general sense, allows for consideration of a phenomenon a priori or a posteriori /in both directions/, and this possibility of choice is already an attribute of the continuum. In the logic of the Palindrome, I create a silhouette of a symmetrical figure, its content is equal, but inverts the point of view and perspective. For this purpose, I use the ladder of honor as a form and symbol.

About the author

acrylic, pastel, paper
70/100 cm.