The Shell of the Dove



The Shell of the Dove

The Shell of the Dove touches on the theme of war absurdity. Something like a mantra for peace and reason, like militant pacifism, like the addresses of the unambiguous symbol of the dove.

The bird soars high,
the string of the rope is taut
a deep anchor.

I correlate the symbols of the dove, the shell and the abandoned helmet. The shell as a Vanitas symbol*****, a reminder that we are all mortal, passing through a common portal. This perspective reinforces the absurdity of a broken peace. In the composition, the two dwellings of the dove are the shell and the discarded helmet with the nest inside. The shell moves along the bottom of the ocean of world memory with a ‘gear‘, constructed from points of views of real and written history. The interrupted flight of peace sends the dove into the blue depths so that it could fly again.

About the author

acrylic, pastel, paper
70/100 cm.