“The Emerging Artists”

ELENA KALUDOVA oil on canvas 94/94 cm



“The Emerging Artists”

“Art is able to make us view things from different perspectives at the same time. It is characterized
by affirming and welcoming contradictions, rather than smoothing them out or eradicating them. It
often requires from us to have several, even opposed ideas in mind at the same time.
In my work I use those oppositions to make the audience sensitive to connections, as in my works
so in the outside world, which we usually don’t notice. Today’s information and image bombardment gives me the possibility to do extensive research on topics that interest me and this leads to the creation of works that do not follow any chronology in themes or materials.
I deliberately do not search for any leitmotiv for my work, but strive to produce multiple levels of
meaning. I want that each one of the artworks I create has a life of its own and can exist without
any knowledge about my portfolio, autobiography, nationality, gender and eccentricity or ordinariness.”

Elena Kaludova (1982, Burgas) graduated from the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2010, specializing in painting.
2015 she graduated from the Weißensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin. Currently she lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Since 2013 she is a member of Quarantäne Artist Collective.
Since 2018 she is leading and curating together with Marc Pospiech the Neue Kunst Initiative and Projektraum Galerie M, Berlin.
Her works have been shown in Germany, Italy, Austria, Russia and Bulgaria.