“The birds of the Eagle Bridge”

ANTONIA  ANGELOVA Chalk on paper 56/76 cm  



“The birds of the Eagle Bridge”

Antonia Angelova presents a series of drawings, created in Rodopa mountain for more than ten years. They are executed in different media – sangin, chalk, graphite, charcoal.

In the small village where she spent time as a child, buffalo cultivation was traditionally preserved, passed from one generation to another. These huge black, powerful animals with exceptionally good temper gave the essence of the village. They have established themselves in the life of society as a tradition and built up its identity. “The days ran slowly and monotonous, as if time had stopped, even the buffalo was moving with that calm rhythm. The arrival of the new technologies and lifestyle in this small village changed the social conditions and influenced the vitality of the tradition, changing it. Social conditions were undergoing reform, adapting to the new features of family life. Identity that made the individual holistic, different from others, has changed. Some traditions were preserved, others have changed or disappeared. The families stopped to raise buffalo. The most exciting memories of my childhood are the buffalo, the silence and the earth around, burnt plains of bright sun, dark black fields and dark buffalo going to grazing … Silence!” (A. Angelova)

Antonia Angelova was graduated “Sculpture” from the National Art Academy in Sofia. Winner of the drawing prize of the Union of Bulgarian Artists – 2000, Prize for painting of the National Academy of Fine Arts – 2004, the Award for contemporary Bulgarian art of M-Tel – 2005, Painting award for a young author of the foundation “St.St. Cyril and Methodius” – 2008. She has exhibitions in Sofia, Vienna, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden.