Lyuben Petrov born in Burgas, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic.
2003-2007 BD from the National Academy of Arts from, Sofia.
2009 University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno, Czech Republic.
2011 MD in the class of prof. Martin Mainer.
Solo exhibitions:
2018 “Fata Morgana”, GASK – the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic; “Jezinky a dobyvatelé”, Gallery Peron, Prague, Czech Republic
2017 “Mantracit”, Muzeum – Dul Michal, Ostrava, Czech Republic 23.9.2017 “The Big Blue”, Gallery Nesi, Burgas, Bulgaria; “Ledy/Lédy”, The Chemistry Gallery, Coworking K10, Prague, Czech Republic
2016 “Apocalypsarium”, Gallery Sofia, BKI London, United Kingdom; 2016 Lyube Petrov, Coworking Prague, Czech Republic
2015 Lyube Petrov, Plevel, Prague, Czech Republic; “Apokalypsarium “, Gallery Akademiya, Sofia, Bulgaria; ” Apokalypsarium”, Gallery Art Salon S,Prague, Czech Republic
2014 “Lyuben Petrov”, Gallery ECO salon Rolland, Prague, Czech Republic; “Dive into my palette”, Gallery Peron, Prague Czech Republic
2013 Lyuben Petrov and Edmond Demirdzian, “EDMOND”,Young artist Award, Gallery Rakursi, Sofia, Bulgaria; 2013 “After the apocalypse”, Gallery Mainerova, Prague, Czech Republic
2011 “I am not lost ghost“, Gallery Stodvacettrojka, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic 2010 “Rabbits stories”, Gallery TROJKA, Brno, Czech Republic
2009 “New Inspirations”, Gallery BIK, Prague, Czech Republic
2007 “Sea Gifts”, Gallery Nesi, Burgas, Bulgaria
2017, Finalist of the category OVER 30 of the ART PRIZE CBM, Turin, Italy
2017 “Extraordinary Award” – „23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art”, 2017, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
2014, Young Visual Artists – YVAA Nominated artist for BAZA Award for Contemporary Art , Sofia , Bulgaria
2013, “EDMOND”,Young artist Award ,Sofia, Bulgaria
2013, ART PRAGUE Young Award – artist under the age of 35 years
2012, Bulgarian Contemporary Art Contest, “MOST”, FINAL SELECTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL JURY, Sofia, Bulgaria
Museum of Sofia City Gallery, Bulgaria Private Collection of Nikolai Nedelchev, Sofia Bulgaria Private Collection, Collett Prague-Munich, Prague, Czech Republic Collection of Beneton Art- Imago Mundi, Italy.

I’m trying to transform the history into something more amusing by using sarcasm and grotesque.
I am interested in topics where the boundaries between real and unreal are blurred. I create a new reality where history, future, the real and fantastic co-exist as a whole. It is based on my personal perspective of the world, my positive attitude and the sense of humor.

Creation, oil on canvas, 190/140 cm, 2018                                       Annunciation, oil on canvas, 120/175 cm, 2017

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