Konstantin Kostov is born in Plovdiv Bulgaria. Lives and work in Sofia, Bulgaria.
2017 – Phd of Visual Arts, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2013 – MA in Painting department, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. 2011 – Graduated bachelor degree from National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.In class of professor Andrei Daniel and assist. Pravdolub Ivanov. 2009 – Exchange semester (BA) Painting , Burg Giebichenshtein Hochschule fur Kunst und Design, Halle(Saale), Germany. 2007 – Graduated from National Highschool of Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Founder member of the group ANSWER 51 – a group of young Bulgarian artists.
2018 – Flame of peace – medal, Vereins zur Förderung des Friedens, Austria
2015 – Nomination for Essl Art Award CEE
2013 – Nomination for 7émes Jeux de la FRANCOPHONIE
2013 – Nomination for Essl Art Award CEE
2011 – Award in Painting from the International Foundation “St. Cyril and Methodius”.
2007- National Foundation “13 centuries Bulgaria” – Atanas Staikov Gratitude award, painting


Everything we need is a chance to lead a fulfilling life, which means to have the oppottunity to face whatever may come. There are things, that every man needs to overcome. In my opinion they are artefacts and mind skills that prepare one for his own development. In every surroundings there’s a specific presence contributed by the humanity’s desire to leave a trace behind .To me that is an interesting phenomena giving life to the ordinary things. That is what I wanted to capture here

In memoriam to E.K, oil,acrylic/canvas, 100/100 cm., 2018         Never Ending Story 2, oil, acrylic/canvas, 170/210 cm., 2018

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