Graduated from the Sofia Art College in 1991,  Applied Arts Department, major Design.

Lives and works in Bulgaria.

2013     “Parts of the whole”, Bulgarian Cultural Institute, Paris, France
2012      “Parts of the whole”    , Wittgenstein , Wienna, Austria
2012        “ Body marks” , Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia     
2011         “Reflections “ , Sofia press gallery, Sofia
2010-2011   Scholarship-Cite des Art , Paris
2010           “Scar”, Rakursi Art Gallery, Sofia
2009          “ONE”,P.A.R.K. Gallery,Plovdiv
2008           H2O “Clean”/light installation/ Night of the Museums and Galleries, Plovdiv
2008           Scholarship Unesko, Instituto Carvas,Alkala de Jucar,Spain
2005         “Cactus”, “Testa” Gallery, Sofia
2005         “The Fruit”, “Sariev” Gallery, Plovdiv
2005         “Inhalation – Exhalation”, “Irida” Gallery, Sofia
2005         “Stitch”, “Sariev” Gallery, Plovdiv
2004         “Light”, “ADS” Gallery, Sofia
2004         “Awn”, “Irida” Gallery, Sofia
2003         Centro Nacional de Fotografia, Torrelavega, Spain
2003         “Bending”, “Solers” Gallery, Sofia
2003           Exhibition in Casa de Cantabria and Centro Nacional de Fotografía –Torrelavega Spain.
2000-2002г.  Takes part in  ”Estampa”,Madrid
2001г.         Exhibition in  Casa de Cantabria,Madrid
2000          “Inwards”, Contemporary Art Center “The Ancient Bath”, Plovdiv
2000         “Transfusion”, French Cultural Institute, Sofia
1999         “Reprints and Objects”, “Solers” Gallery, Sofia
1999         “Young Curators Presenting the Young Artist”, “Shipka 6” Gallery, Sofia
1998         “Contemporary Bulgarian Art”, National Art Gallery, Sofia
1996         “Luni” (Moons), Balabanov’s House Gallery, Plovdiv
1995          “Isperih” Plain Air, “Shipka 6” Gallery, Sofia


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