Young Artists Present Young Artists

24 June - 4 July 2016

Young Artists Present Young Artists
Anton Tonchev
Alexandra Ramirez
Vasil Angelov
Viktoria Georgieva
Gergana Nikolova
Denis Marinov
Lubomir Ignatov
Drago Dochev
21 June – 4 July 2016

From June, 21st through July, 4th Rakursi Art Gallery presents the exhibition “Young Artists Present Young Artists”. It is the second edition of the project, initiative of the gallery. Rakursi Art Gallery send an open call for artists under 30 years old in March. 35 candidates submitted their works. The suggestions were looked at by a jury of other young artists -Velislava Gecheva, Georgi Georgiev – Jojo, Eleonora Terzieva, Kaliya Kalacheva, Radoil Serafimov, Yavor Boyanov – the participants in previous projects of the gallery. They selected eight winners – Anton Tonchev, Alexandra Ramirez, Vasil Angelov, Viktoria Georgieva, Gergana Nikolova, Denis Marinov, Lubomir Ignatov and Drago Dochev.