Vienna:paradise gardens and music divine…

27 November - 13 December 2007

Veliko Marinchevski

“Vienna: paradise gardens and music divine…”
Veliko Marinchevski
painting, graphic

Rakursi Art Gallery presents from 27 November to 13 December 2007 the exhibition “Vienna:paradise gardens and music divine…” of the young artist Veliko Marinchevski. He is graduated as graphic artist from the National Art Academy in Sofia in 2005, but he is already well-known to the public from his solo exhibitions, the participations in many prestigious art forum worldwide and as awards winner for emerging artist of several art exhibitions. Veliko Marinchevski is one of the young talented artists the Rakursi Art Gallery is working with. He took part in several gallery’s art projects.

The present exhibition shows painting and graphic created during his stay in Vienna as participant in the program “ARTISTS-IN-RESIDENCE” of the Austrian Ministry of Culture from May to August 2007. In the connection of this program he says: “ It generously places at artist’s disposal the possibility to feel the eternity and the perfect harmony of Vienna. The Austrians greet each other with “Grüss Gott” which means “Got greets you” and this words make me feel as a part of the blessed Viennese, which is great. I saw harmony, gardens with wonderful forms, pair of lovers, “lonely” musicians. I met tranquility and humanity, I heard music and enthusiastic applauds. I’ve tried to transfer this feelings to my paintings so that the others could feel the magnificence of this city which as if shouts: You are alive, live!”