The Landscape Inside Me

9 April 2009

Slav Bakalov

“The Landscape Inside Me”
Slav Bakalov
10 – 30 April, 2009


“We are more and more closer to the time when the landscape will live only in the our memory. At least the landscape with clean rivers and seas, with trees and flowers. The landscape as a precious memory.
However, if not physically, at least in our imagination, we can clean the plastic bags, the pails and tins …
We still remember the landscape from our childhood. Along the rivers there are still old trees, the sea still has dunes and beaches, the snow still shines with the virgin whiteness …
And we, the artists still have a blank white canvases.”

This time in Rakursi Art Gallery Slav Bakalov will display only landscapes. The artist focuses his attention on the purity of colors and the abstract elements of a personal presence. The canvases are filled with peace, imagination and a feeling of harmony.