Nothing Changes!

30 October - 14 November 2014

Simeon Stoilov

“Nothing Changes!”
30 October – 14 November 2014

For his exhibition of paintings inspired by an old photography the artist explains:

“Good intentions and the desire to create disappear easily at the first impossibility.

It is surprising how easy it is to forget despite the promise to yourself or the world. The loss of memory is followed by an excuse and then a new impulse until you discover that only time is the absolute and constant enemy.

This instant dozen of new paintings is inspired by an old photography taken by me more than 20 years ago, found accidentally (or not) in the chaos of my old studio and recovered my former passions and moods. Observing it I realize that nothing has changed and I still look at the world the same way. The nostalgia for the past is replaced by the melancholy of perfection.“