8 - 20 February 2016


8 – 20 February 2016

“I perceive the landscape like a surface, sensitive to everything and created without the hand of man and carrying no imprints of his.
I create a form, achieved by the power of imagination or taken from the surrounding reality. It touches curious spaces or spaces of the everyday existence.
An encounter of the organic beauty of nature with architecture.
Motivated by the fear of being alone or disenfranchised, one yearns for these spaces, because one can feel safe there. The dimmed lighting in the compositions reminds of something that happened long ago, of passing and forgetting…..
I have a need for a specific, clear point of view. If I want to see the landscape, I have to stop, to have a distance and a steady horizon.
I’m counting on the nostalgia of the beholder for the “promise land”, on his disposition for ever crating new spaces and meanings, on his need to be in harmony with reality.”

Svetlomir Marinovski