Invitation to Levitation

10 - 29 September 2020

Mariangela Anastassova

“Invitation to Levitation”

Rakursi Gallery has the pleasure to present the exhibition “Invitation to Levitation” of Mariangela Anastasova from the 10th through the 29th of September 2020. The exhibition is one of those which the gallery had to postpone because the lockdown in March. The artist presents her new works where he explores the abstract balance between colors and shapes and experiments with a new technique.
“For centuries, artists used oil on prepared canvas to ensure better control on color and shape.
But, when controlling everything, painting feels like a monologue and inversely, here, I am in dialogue with the color and the form, explains the artist.
My intervention on the surface is followed by an unexpected or partly unexpected reaction from the media and provokes in me another intervention and so on, until we both surrender to a delicate unique balance, created by both sides.

The balance reached at some point becomes delicate and fragile to the point that it holds me in the air and makes me feel in levitation.

The exhibition was postponed for six months because of the Quarantine and I realized during that suspended time that my art was a resource for facing with ease and creativity the different surprising challenges of the present world.”