Iassen Ghiuselev’s illustrations after Boccaccio’s “Decameron”

10 - 30 May 2016


10 – 30 May 2016

Rakursi Art Gallery will participate in the European Night of Museums 2016 with an illustrations exhibition by Iassen Ghiuselev to the book “Decameron” of Boccaccio. The illustrations will be presented for the first time to the public and will precede the publishing of the book by the Vicens Vives-Barcelona publishing house.

The illustrator Iassen Ghiuselev is famous with his illustrations for the books “Alice in Wonderland”, “Pinocchio”, “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha”, “Oliver Twist” and others. The brilliant technique of Ghiuzelev, inspired by Renaissance art is in harmony with the literature masterpiece of Boccaccio. The artist explains his work as an attempt to interpret the text and to capture the atmosphere of the era, the emotions and the meaning of the particular piece. Characteristic for his works are the delicate, masterful drawing, the fine detail and color scheme.