Faraway, So Close!

1 November 2011

“Faraway, So Close!”

Rakursi Art Gallery presents the exhibition “Faraway, So Close!” of Simeon Stoilov from 1 to 15 November 2011.

Simeon Stoilov is among the most creative contemporary Bulgarian artists. His artistic issues become works, often beyond the framework of the expectations. The philosophical dialogue between ideas, art and space is a major theme in his sculptural objects, videoart and artistic interventions into the architecture of different galleries. The digital prints from the exhibition “Faraway, So Close!” choose the path of lakonicism and fusion of fine details in their entirety.

The analog landscape in the new works of the artist is neutralized by simple digital intervention so the viewer is left with the feeling of infinite space with no identity. The project “Faraway, So Close!” materializes the memory of experiences that we can not recall precisely in our consciousness. Remains without any real forms, resulted from staring into the horizon until the line ceases its existance. Ephemeral game of memories, senses and perceptions.